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  • Samantha needs her boyfriends credit card to go shopping again, and when she breezes past his son Bill's desk at work, he stops her. She disrespects him as usual, and he has finally had enough. He hates his father's new girlfriend, but she is just so damn
  • A sexy secretary is something all bosses dream of. And Angel is definitely someone who would make your office hours more interesting... especially when she walks around in her black lace garterbelt and oh so desirable thigh high stockings. Well, just sit
  • Christy is hardworking and very open minded receptionist who tends to become a bit too open once too often. This time she has some cutomer who is a bit too curious and asks too many questing so she decides that the best way to keep his mouth shut is sucki
  • Antynia Rouge and Alexandra Cat are good colleagues. So good, they sometimes can't help not starting to touch each other's sexy bodies, kissing, licking each other's juicy pussies, and fingering each other's wet cunts. Click here to see what they were up
  • All roads must end, all that begins must come to pass, so when Charlie leaves her job to pursue a new career, Tereza can't help but express just how she feels. She can't hold back the pressure that has built and today is her last chance to see what it fee
  • Hope went to her boss because the clock in her office stopped so needed a new one. But every time she sees her boss she becomes horny. When he asked her what she wanted she said ?I?m here for a cock?. She accidently said cock instead of clock, but she cou
  • Anita Blonde Seduces Her Boss
  • Chris is applying to rent a small bungalow behind Mandy's house. She has looked through his application, but she calls him in for another meeting to discuss them. He explains that he is new to town, but Mandy's questions are getting stranger and stranger.
  • Brooke was ending her workday when Mark came by to see her. He was investigating some funds that were missing from the company account from someone who bought some clothing. She told him she knew nothing about that and let him look through her files. Mark
  • Being a boss at a company is not as easy as you think especially if you're a woman and look hell good also. People will never give you the same respect as they give for a male and they rather think about getting in your panties than to in your business. M
  • Teen Banged By The Boss
  • Britney Brookes looking for a little fun on the job, seduces the phone repair man. Who couldn't resist her great tits smashed in their face. This gets him going and soon the fucking and sucking begins. Britney gets her juicy gash banged and slammed with h
  • Jasmine Byrne
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  • Amy Moore can brighten up any office environment with her pretty face and golden locks of hair. Many men of power can appreciate that quality, but find her ability to take dictation far more indispensable. Before long she's got a mouth full of corporate c
  • 'Who's the boss in here?' you might ask, but everyone knows the answer by now: it's me, Miss Sophie! Now I show you how I spend my days in the office... Okay, sometimes it's just too boring to sit and stare at the monitor, so I often spice up the dull off
  • Ava Lauren shows up for an interview for a position at a new company, but the position he has in mind is her on his cock. Wanting the job Ava goes the extra mile and convinces him she is right for the job as she slobbers all over his big bone. This milf k

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  • London gets fired from her company and she's not too happy about it. She decides to try to get people to walk out with her but nobody is willing to do it, except for James. Who seems to realize he can get something out of it. Little does she know, he's ju
  • Derick goes in to apply for a job but the mean HR director takes one look at his tattoos and ushers him out of her office. He passes out in the waiting room, and when he awakes, the HR director is not only a fan of tattoos, she has a ton of tattoos hersel
  • Black Diamond is boobilicious filthy stallion who pretend to be diligent worker in the office. In fact, she is the bitch who never seems to get enough of cock! This time she is seen having it off with her Boss Bob Terminator who came to annihilate her pus
  • Nina Hartley Craves Cock
  • Regina Ice is more than bored in her office. Nobody is calling, all the paperwork is done. But she hates empty times, so for she nothing better to do, she took her clothes off, and began to play with herself. She started patting her filthy cunt but for so
  • Men usually don?t understand the world of women, but now here is the chance to get closer to it. Defrancesca and Eufrat will present how two women treat each other when it?s just the two of them. There is a strange atmosphere that surrounds them, but if y
  • Guess what? This is a real sex office where main and primary duties of the clerks are to suck and fuck for the boss? camera! well, now we have got 2 amazing beauties, a brunette and a blonde wearing white shirts and red panties, they look absolutely despe
  • Black Angelika's boss was gone for a day, so she could use his office until he got back. She used the opportunity, and did what she always wanted to do from the first moment she was in this office. She took her clothes off and sat into her boss' leather c
  • Jazy and Mark have been going at it all day in the conference room over the budget problems. They just can't get to a solution. Jazy gets frustrated and grabs Mark, who decides to kiss her! Thats how he solves problems with his wife, so it must work on go
  • Click on this gallery to find out what happened when Alexa Weix went into Janelle's office. They started talking which soon resulted in both of them living out their lesbian fantasies. Janelle popped out out her huge boobs and licked Alexa's juicy cunt. T
  • Elizabeth Ann is a slutty little secretary who took the position in hopes of being put in many other interesting positions. Her fine figure and flare for multitasking makes her a very desirable assistant. A white collar colleague decides to put her talent

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  • Oh, those boring grey days in the office! Bambi sometimes hates her job. There are days when she has a lot of paperwork, which she likes very much, but what she the most is empty, unused time. So she looked for that dildo she once brought in the office fo
  • Business execs get horny sometimes when they have to work long hours. So that's why they call a girl sometimes for a little sex break. But these big bosses have something they like to remember the sexcapade by - they have a camera on hand to tape the whol
  • Nikita is a shy girl but when Angel wanted to show her the fur toy collection of hers she said yes... Soon it turned out that cheeky Angel wanted to how her the dildo collection! But once there, why not try out a few? Angel was already in between Nikita's
  • Watch Maya Hills who loves it rough when she gets the boss's hard dick stuffed into her muff! Her boss fucks her hard as she lets out a scream, then he fills her mouth with his load of cream!
  • Sandy has come to work to bring her best friend Shay some soup for lunch since she is under the weather. Shay has gone home though, but her husband, Christian is more than happy to see her. They chat and soon Sandy is making Christian's day a little brigh

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